This is a great opportunity to operate your business under Aerodium brand. To enter Aerodium franchise system you should buy any of our vertical wind tunnels and we will support you with our know-how in four key aspects of this business.

Business operations management

This aspect is about creating the right infrastructure for excellent customer experience. Customers should feel welcomed at the tunnel and we have a team of professionals who know how to achieve that.

Personnel management

This aspect is about delivering excellent customer service. Experience has taught us what kind of personalities are the best for this business. Therefore, we will help to hire and train them.

Marketing management

This aspect is about attracting your customers. We have worked on that for years and we want to share our knowledge. Even more, we want to share with our franchise partner any marketing material that we have prepared.

Technical support

This aspect is about making sure that the tunnel will go on for years and years. To ensure the right operation and longer life span of this technology Aerodium provides technical training, technical inspections and software updates.

We are willing to share the know-how and grow your business.

  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai