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To create a tourist attraction combining flying with the story of ShaoLin kung-fu traditions.

In collaboration with architecture company Mailitis A.I.I.M. we created concept to fit and complement the local environment.

Visualization by Mailitis A.I.I.M.

This concept is designed for show purposes and for anyone who wants to try the flying experience.

Visualization by Mailitis A.I.I.M.

This tunnel has a special stage for performances of Kung-Fu, and a seating area for 300 spectators.

Visualization by Mailitis A.I.I.M.

An open-air acrobatic flight up to 20 metres high ensures a spectacular finale.

Visualization by Mailitis A.I.I.M.

The idea of flying is limitless.
As limitless as human capacity to create unique things and experiences.

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  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai