AERODIUM works with military customers since 2007. The turn-key projects that we implemented in Middle East, North Africa and Asia gave as deep understanding of military needs. Based on that experience we have developed cutting edge technologies.

Our technology significantly increases cadets’ safety. Now they can fully prepare in Vertical Wind Tunnel before they do the first skydive. It reduces the stress and allows to learn skydiving much faster. 

Important – workouts in wind tunnel can be performed longer than in the sky. Thus, cadets can practice fundamentals and challenging positions until the greatness is achieved. 

VWT has decreased obstacles for skydiver preparation. Even bad weather conditions are no longer a problem. VWT can be operated any season and any time of the day.


AERODIUM military experience

  • In 2016 WALL - TO - WALL tunnel was completed for Special forces in Asia (country name is confidential)
  • In 2016 WALL-TO-WALL tunnel was completed for Special forces of Indonesia
  • In 2015 RECIRCULATING tunnel was completed for Army of South Korea
  • In 2010 WALL-TO-WALL tunnel was completed for Army of Libya
  • In 2009 OPEN-3 tunnel was completed for Special forces of Pakistan
  • In 2007 OPEN-type tunnel was completed for Army of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Increased cadet safety 
  • Longer and more advanced workouts
  • Possibilities to train at any season and any weather 
  • Cutting edge airflow and video management system
  • Effective coaching program
  • Reliable and certified technology
  • Army development


Military video

  • Inventors of vertical wind tunnel

  • TUV Certified

  • Winter Olympic Games 2006, Torino

  • World Expo 2010, Shanghai