News AERODIUM has built wind tunnel in Montreal, Canada

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AERODIUM has built wind tunnel in Montreal, Canada

The tunnel is built and is operated by company named L’ESPACE AERODIUM which will be as well the name of the brand new tunnel.

Opening of the Aerodium in Quebec in Canada is a remarkable event as in 1979 the first vertical wind tunnel was invented and produced right in Quebec by the inventor Jean St-Germain who made an equipment that was capable of lifting a person in the air and letting him fly.

L’ESPACE AERODIUM is located right in the heart of leisure and entertainment island of Montreal - in Parc Jean-Drapeau which lies on Saint-Laurent river.

The new Aerodium will welcome its first flying customers from the beginning of August. The device is open type vertical wind tunnel from where flying people will have a chance to observe marvel construction of Biosphere museum (in the photo) and Montreal Jacques-Cartier bridge. 

Photo gallery of L'Espace AERODIUM in Montreal HERE

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